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A vast universe awaiting to be explored!

Near Side of Yonder is an open universe adventure, where the player has to explore a stellar system and find all the secrets within... So he can fight the stars themselves to absorb their energy and be able to create his own star system.

Main Features

  • Fly through the stellar systems: Near Side Of Yonder will make you travel through uncharted planets.
  • Discover the universe secrets: As the only sentient spec of light in the universe it is your job to discover the underlying secrets.
  • Challenge the Sun: Do you have what it takes to beat the core and gather its energy?


Near Side of Yonder is compatible with most standard computer keyboards and mouses.  Also compatible with standard gamepads. 


Basic movement/Menu navigation


Jump / skip dialogue / Dash in space

E on a planet

Attack / Interact


Rotate the camera

Left shift on a planet

Prepare for space flight

Left Shift + Space while on flight prep

Change to space flight movement

Q/E while in space

Roll right or left


Exit game


Reload level


Left joystick

Basic movement

South Button

Jump and skip dialogue

West Button on a planet

Attack / Interact

Right Joystick

Rotate the camera

South Button + Right Trigger on a planet

Change to space flight movement

R/L Shoulders while in space

Roll right or left

Further Information

Near Side Of Yonder was developed in the University Lusófona, second year (2020), Bachelor in Videogames. Credits: 

Miguel Fernández

Rodrigo Pinheiro

João Rebelo

Tomás Franco

Studio's Itch Page

Disclaimer: This is a demo with some content cut.

Published 29 days ago
AuthorLusófona Games: Arcade Room


Near Side Of Yonder - Build.zip 205 MB

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