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Help Wanted! Ghosts Out! 

Mibivell’s Ghostbuster tells the tales of an old and lowly knight order tasked with clearing out pesky ghost infestations, too small for the mighty knights, and magical epidemics, too trivial for a sorcerer to abandon their studies for. 

Main Features:

  • A land of humans and magic: Mibivell’s Ghostbuster is a single player 3D Action/Adventure game in the 3rd Person Perspective, set in a fantasy setting in the middle ages, where the Kingdom of Mibivell is a standing example of how mankind and magic can coexist, however no light shines without casting a shadow. 
  • Ghostbuster’s duty: The player is sent out to clear a ghost infested castle and close the Spirit Gate from which they came.  Capture and use ghosts: The Ghostbuster’s magical Lantern can capture ghosts and use them to access powerful abilities!
  • Puzzles and ancient relics: The infested castle is filled with magical contraptions for the Ghostbuster to overcome and an ancient relic to collect! 


Mibivell’s Ghostbuster is compatible with most standard computer keyboards and mouses.  

• Basic movement WASD
SPACE to jump; 
Mouse movement to move the player camera; 
• Left Mouse Button (LMB) for sword attack; 
• Hold Right Mouse Button (RMB) to change into the over the shoulder camera (aiming mode). 
• While aiming press Left ALT to alternate between shoulder cameras; • While aiming pressing E will throw the lantern. 
• Press Left Shift to empty the lantern (if any ghost is captured); 

• Press E to use the ghost ability (only if the lantern has 2 captured ghosts); 
• Press TAB or I to open the forge menu; 
• Press ESC or P to open the pause menu; 
• While in the Main Menu/Title Screen, use the Arrow Keys or W, A, S, D to navigate it; 
• While in the Main Menu/Title Screen, use SPACE or Enter to confirm the selection; 
• Pressing the keys B, O, B, B, Y in this order, will make Bobby appear/disappear; 
• Press F3 to quick save; 
• Press F5 to quick load. 


Mibivell’s Ghostbuster was developed in the University Lusófona, second year (2020), Bachelor in Videogames. Credits: 

• Afonso Rosa 

• André Vitorino 

• Catarina Matias 

The current product is a vertical slice; therefore, it does not represent the final product and features.


Mibivell's Ghostbuster.zip 152 MB

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