A downloadable Universidade Lusofona for Windows

The Geiger is ticking. Can you get outside before the radiation burn you?

You’re a scientist working on a nuclear power plant. There’s rumors of a new technology being tested on the main reactor. Some say this new technology is top-secret.. A problem occurs during one of the tests. The alarms are howling and so is your breath. You’ve managed to hide in a safe room but no one has come looking for you... You’re on your own.. ..or are you?

Main Features

  • Depressing atmosphere: you find yourself lost in the  what is left of the Chernobyl, can you get outside?
  • Nostalgic soviet atmosphere: Geiger's Ticking  returns to a time, when USSR was dominating headlines, dozens of soviet memorabilia can be found in the game
  • Challenging puzzles: every level is filled with puzzles


Geiger's Ticking is compatible with most standard computer keyboards and mouses.  Also compatible with standard gamepads. 

Further Information

Geiger's Ticking was developed in the University Lusófona, third year (2020), Bachelor in Videogames.

Disclaimer: This is a demo with some content cut.


Geiger's Ticking - Build (Windows).zip 579 MB


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Very well done game, premium feeling 👍👍👍