A downloadable game for Windows

Neokai is a team-based online multiplayer top-down arena brawler!

Neokai is a team-based multiplayer top-down arena brawler. Players can pick a character from a diverse cast of characters and fight in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 action packed matches where they need to capture and hold onto credits.

Main Features

  • Style and theme: thematically Neokai focuses on the punk aspects of cyberpunk.
  • Ranks: Neokai is set in a world, where people are ranked in a social hierarchy.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master: Each champion has 1 weapon, 2 abilities and 1 passive. having a good team composition, along with good communication is essential.


Neokai is compatible with most standard computer keyboards and mouses.  Also compatible with standard gamepads. 

Further Information

Neokai was developed in the University Lusófona, third year (2019), Bachelor in Videogames. Credits: 

André Santos
João Silva
Roberto Júnior

Disclaimer: This is a demo with some content cut.


Neokai - Build (Windows).zip 181 MB