A downloadable universidade lusofona for Android

Bernardino needs your help!

Bernardino is a third-person physics-based adventure game full of challenging obstacles and monsters. Venture through its dangerous world to save your village’s ancient wizard, you are the chosen one after all!

Main Features

  • Stretchable arms: use Bernardino arms to overcome several challenges.
  • Who is he: find pieces of the ancient history of Bernardino. 
  • Challenging gameplay: find various challenges to overcome!


Bernardino is compatible with most standard computer keyboards.

Move - WASD
Jump - Space
Grab with Left Hand - Hold LMB
Grab with Right Hand - Hold RMB
Slingshot - With both hands grabbed, pull back. Then hold space and release both hands at the right time.
Rotate Camera - Middle Mouse Button
Zoom - Scroll Wheel

Further Information

Bernardino was developed in the University Lusófona, second year, Bachelor in Videogames.


Bernardino.zip 77 MB